A Message from Chanel

Chanel has made it a top priority to stop the sale of fake products. To this end Chanel constantly monitors the internet and auction sites and takes action where appropriate including but not limited to filing civil lawsuits and lodging criminal complaints against counterfeiters. The site once appearing on this domain name is such an example of where Chanel has had to take action to protect consumers from being taken advantage of by individuals selling fake Chanel.

Chanel took action against the operator of this domain, who also ran other domains offering fake Chanel for sale, and on April 22, 2010 a judge entered a judgment ordering the sites and their owners to stop selling fake Chanel and transferred the ownership of the domains to Chanel to prevent them from being misused again in the future.

ChanelJewelry.net Store

In their Replica Chanel Jewelry section of the shop the owners of ChanelJewlery.net offered for sale replica Chanel bracelets, replica Chanel earrings replica Chanel necklaces.

Among their offerings were the items listed as “Chanel earrings 19,” “Chanel earrings 18” and “Chanel earrings 17” were replica hoop earrings with Chanel’s signature CCs hanging from them in either while, blue or red. These earrings were offered for $37.50 each. “Chanel necklace 47” was a chain upon which was affixed the word “Chanel” with the CC logo underneath, that item was sold for $58.90. “Chanel necklace-square charm and golden trademark” was a gold chain with the CC in gold hanging from it along with a square chart, designed to look like a Chanel makeup compact, which sold for $43.80. “Chanel bracelets-gold bracelet with black trademark” was a bracelet with a black CC prominent and the band consisting of two rows of black disks surrounded by gold. The price on this item was $48.80.

The store also attempted to attract customers to buy its replica Chanel goods with offers of “100% Returns & Exchanges” and “Free Shipping” and contests like “Win $20 in Our Gift Certificate Giveaway.” The operators of the website also told shoppers that “in both price and quality of our product, we are confident to earn your satisfactory.” This clearly turned was not the case for any shoppers who purchased goods expecting the level of quality and craftsmanship for which Chanel is known. As soon as a purchaser opened her box she would be able to see the materials used and level of detail in the workmanship of the product were nowhere near the same as those found in genuine Chanel products.

ChanelJewelry.net Order

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